Vietnamese rice noodle soup

Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) – is a main dish in our Kemah Café restaurant. We serve many kinds of the noodle soup such as beef noodle soup, chicken noodle soup, seafood noodle soup and veggie noodle soup. You can find your own flavor soup in our variety menu. Besides, we also serve Chinese food and Thai Land food. We cook food in the authentic and healthy way like Vietnamese sandwich, Vietnamese coffee, rock and roll beef and some more. Let’s come to try it. We open 7 days a week.

“If you find yourself in a pho shop for the first time, it’s likely that a Vietnamese friend or a friend who knows this dish has invited you. But in the event that you are a real brave soul and decide to go try by yourself, figuring out how to eat pho can be a dilemma.

Thankfully, eating pho is not like eating Western food or even Japanese food. There is no unspoken etiquette that must be observed. This dish is meant to be enjoyed with some noise and a lot of slurping is just fine. So here’s the process in a nutshell.

The best way to attack a steaming bowl of pho is to have chopsticks in one hand and a soupspoon in the other. Take in a little broth with your spoon, slurp in some to get a taste of it. Follow it up with the rice noodles using your chopsticks. Then select pieces of ingredients from the bowl and enjoy them individually or together with the broth and noodle. Easy. But there’s more.” –